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The Bassin d'Arcachon, its wild nature and its oyster ports offer a total change of scenery

Discover our natural heritage and the many activities offered around the Arcachon basin.

On the ocean side, huge beaches covered with white sand await you... You can enjoy the waves and traditional water activities: swimming, surfing, sand castles...

In the evening make a stop in one of our numerous oyster huts to taste the fresh oysters of the Basin.


Bassin d'Arcachon

Escape with your family or friends to the most beautiful tourist sites of the region
The Dune of Pilat (Highest dune in Europe),
The Island of birds,
The tIp of Cap Ferret,
The Arguin bank, 
The magnificent city of Arcachon and its famous winter city
Around the campsite, you will enjoy various leisure activities for the pleasure of the whole family and even take guided tours of the Arcachon basin



Known as "la Belle Endormie", Bordeaux is also classified as a "City of Art and History". It is the second city in France with the largest number of listed monuments, just after Paris, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Museum lovers?
Bordeaux will delight you with its numerous museums!

Atlantic Ocean : Grand Crohot beach

The Abberts campsite is only a few minutes away from the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. The nearest beach is the Grand Crohot beach, 9 kilometers by road and 11 kilometers by bicycle path. From the campsite take the direction of Cap Ferret.

The beach of Grand Crohot of Lège-Cap-Ferret is one of the most frequented beaches of the peninsula of Cap Ferret. It is also the closest oceanic beach to the city center of Lège-Cap-Ferret and the close cities of the basin of Arcachon. This beach of fine sand extends on several kilometers in direction of Le Porge in the north and of Grand Piquey in the south (level of the beach of Truc Vert). There is only a supervised area in summer on this beach, at the level of the big parking (1500 places) and restaurants. After the blockhouse, to the south, it is possible to practice kitesurfing, even in summer.
The beach is supervised from the beginning of June to mid-September, so it offers all the advantages of a day at the beach with family or friends, sunbathing, swimming in complete safety or thrills on the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Toutes les vidéos

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